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8 Methode How to Track Flights Online


Want to learn how to track your next flight online to help you stay on track with your itinerary and travel schedule? We’re here to help.

I’m Smyth from In this tutorial we’re going to show you how you can track your flights online and things you need to know about tracking flights. Now let’s get started.

First of all why might you want to track a flight? Here are a few reasons we find online flight trackers useful.

  • To see how soon you need to leave to head to the airport,
  • To check for any flight delays,
  • To check estimated arrival times if you’re picking someone up from the airport,
  • To check out more information about your flight like the total estimated length of time will be in the air and to help keep you on track with your schedule.

How to Track Flights Online

Now that we’ve covered why it’s a good idea to track your flights, let’s talk about how you can do it yourself. We have eight different methods for you to track your flights including five websites and apps you can use to do so.

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Track Flights via Airline Website

The first method is to check airline websites. Look up the website for the airline you’re flying with and see if they have a flight tracking feature on their website. Most major airlines offer this feature on their site.

Track Flights via Travel Booking Site

Another way is to track your flight through the website you booked your vacation with. If you book through a popular travel site like Priceline or Expedia you should be able to check the status of your flight by signing into your account and looking at the details of the trip you booked.

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Track Flights via Search Engine

Method number three is to simply look up your airline and flight number on a search engine. Using a search engine like Google, type in the name of your airline followed by your flight number. Your flight details will likely pop up in a box at the top of the search results this method is super quick and easy.

The Best Sites for Flight Tracking

real time flight tracker

The next five methods we’ll mention are using websites specifically made for tracking flights.


One great site to use to track flights is Find data on flight departures and arrivals, delays, whether flight routes and more. Flight aware has information on flights departing from and arriving in over 55 countries and it’s free to use.


Next is, this sites mission is to help out with the stress and anxiety of traveling. They provide information on flight times delays, lay overs gate changes and more. You can also find information about the airport’s your leaving from and arriving at and even book rental cars for your trip.


Another flight tracking site is This one gives its users useful Airport information like flight status, airport terminal maps, parking information and ideas for things to do during delay over. If you download their mobile app you can even find out about wait times for airport security.


Next up is Which is a website that provides detailed information for flights. If you happen to need information about a flight you took in the past they have archives information some flights dating back to 2001.


Lastly we have On this site you can track your flights departure and arrival watch someone else’s flight progress on a map, and other helpful travel tools like information about delays, weather, and parking.

You can also use their my trips feature to keep track of your travel itineraries.

Those are eight of the best ways to track your flights if you’re looking for information to help keep you on schedule.

Next let’s discuss some other important things we think you should know about tracking flights.

  1. Number one though most flight tracking websites and apps have accurate information it’s possible that they haven’t been updated to the most current status. To be completely sure call your airline or the airport you’re flying toda’s to confirm information.
  2. Number two unless your flight happens to get cancelled. It’s important to get to the airport a couple hours in advance of the time your flight is scheduled to depart. You never know how long the lines might be to check in and get through security. You may also need a while to walk from security to your gate. If you’re traveling with kids or someone with a physical disability you’ll likely need to leave some extra time as well.
  3. Number three to use our recommended methods of tracking flights you’re going to need to know your airline and flight number. Before you start looking around online to track your flight, gather the basic information about your flight so you’re ready to go.

That covers everything you need to know about flight tracking and how you can do it yourself. We hope these tips help you stay organized during your next trip.

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