How to Switch from iPhone to Android

5 Step How to Switch from iPhone to Android


If you’ve decided to switch over from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, you may be looking for an easy way to transition over to using your new device and bring your information and data with you. There are lots of things you’ll want to transfer from your iPhone to your new Android like contacts, calendars, pictures, and music.

The process can seem daunting but don’t worry that’s what we are here for. I’m Smyth from PhoneWallpapers.Us. In this article I’ll be showing you how to switch from iPhone to Android in five steps. Now let’s get started.

Before you begin transferring any data between your devices here are a few things you should consider.

1. Back Up Your Device

Make sure you backup your information and data from your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes. before you switch to Android. This will ensure that if anything happens to the data currently on your device. You’ll still have a backup of the data stored else where.

2. Disable iMessage

Disable iMessage on your iPhone before you start using Android. If you leave iMessage enabled messages sent to you from iPhone users may be sent through iMessage instead of as regular text messages. Which could result in you not receiving their messages on your Android. Read AlsoHow to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

3. Re-Purchasing Paid Apps

Keep in mind that any paid apps you have installed on your iPhone will likely need to be repurchased for your Android.

4. Google Services Instead of iCloud

Since Android devices don’t use iCloud you’ll need to resync your other devices to Google services, rather than Apple services, in order to have seamless transfer of data through cloud storage.

5. Give Yourself Time

Finally remember that it can take some time to get used to using a new device. Don’t expect yourself to immediately feel comfortable using a different kind of smartphone. If you’ve considered all these things and are ready to make the switch, here are the five steps you’ll need to take to switch from iPhone to Android.

How to Switch from iPhone to Android

Start Using More Google Services

The first step is to start using more Google services. If you don’t already have a Google account, sign up for one at Then you can get started using services like Gmail, Google Drive, contacts, Docs and more.

Transfer Your Contacts
transfer contacts from icloud

Step two is to transfer your contacts. To transfer your contacts from iphone to android simultaneously, open your computer’s browser and go to Then sign into your Apple ID account. Click on the contacts icon.

On the far left click all contacts. On your keyboard hit ctrl + a, at the same time to select all your contacts. Now that they’re all selected click the gear icon in the bottom left corner. then select export vCard this will save your contacts list as a document in your computer.
gear icon

In order to import your contacts to your Android you’ll need to upload the document you just created into your Google contacts list. In a new tab go to and sign-in. Click the apps button, then select contacts. On the left click import contacts. Click the choose file buttom. Import the vCard file you created. It should be in your downloads folder unless you opted to save it elsewhere.

Click import to add all your contacts to your Google account. To get these contacts on your Android device, launcher Android settings. Scroll down and tap accounts. Then select Google. Make sure contacts is checked off, indicating that your Google contacts are being synced to your device. now you can open the contacts app on your Android and all your contacts should appear in the list.

Sync Calendars
Sync Calendars

The next step is to sync your calendars. To sync your iPhone calendar to your Android device, open the settings on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap calendar, then tap default calendar.

Select the same Google account you have signed in on your Android device. If you haven’t yet added your Google account to your iPhone, you can easily add it by going to accounts and passwords in your settings. Tap Add Account, select Google then sign in.

Once you select your Google account as your default calendar all dates and events saved in your iPhone calendar will sync to your Google account, so as long as you have the same Google account sign in on your Android you’ll be able to see all the dates in your Android calendar app.

Transfer Pictures and Videos
Transfer Pictures and Videos with google photos app

Next let’s transfer pictures and videos. There are lots of ways you can do this but the easiest and fastest way we found is to use the Google Photos app. It’s available for both Android and iPhone.

To start open the App Store on your iPhone and download google photos. When the installation is done tap open. Tap ok to allow google photos to access the photos and videos stored on your iPhone.

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Make sure the right Google account is selected near the bottom of your screen, and disable the use multiple data setting if you don’t want Google photos to use up your data. Then tap Done to start syncing your photos.

After a few minutes you can open the Google Photos app on your Android device, and you should see the photos from your iPhone up here on your screen.

Transfer Music
Transfer Music with google play music

The last step you might want to take is to transfer your music from your iPhone on to your Android. Again there are lots of ways this can be done but using Google music manager is the fastest and easiest method.

Open your computer’s browser and type download music manager, into the search bar. Click the link that says google play music manager. Click download music manager to start downloading the software.

When it’s done downloading open the download, to run the Installer. Then click the music manager icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to launch the software, and sign into your Google account.

Select iTunes from the list of options then click Next. Click upload all songs and playlists, and click Next again. Click yes to have music manager automatically import any additional music you add to iTunes in the future.

When all your music has been imported to music manager you can open the Play Music app on your Android and listen to your music from your new phone.

That’s all it takes to switch from iphone to android. After following these five steps you’ll have your contacts, calendars, photos, and music all synced to your new device. now you’re ready to enjoy your new Android smartphone.

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