How to Reset Password

√ How to Reset Password (Update 2018)


Have you forgotten your musically password and want to reset it? Or simply want to change the existing password for your musically account? We’re here to help. I’m Smyth from Phonewallpapers.Com. In this article I’ll show you how to reset or change your musically password, after last day I Post how to create account. Now let’s get started.

How to Reset Password

If you’ve signed out of your musically account and can’t remember your password you can reset it by tapping login. Then tap get help signing, in select whether you want to reset with your email address or phone number.

Enter your email address, then tap send link. Check your email inbox for a message for musically. In the email, tap the change password button. this will open a browser window with the musically page where you can reset your password.

How to Reset Password

In the textbox labeled new password, type in what you’d like your new password to be, then type the same thing in the retype password text box.

When you’re done tap change. Then you can open the musically app and log into your account using your new password. If you’re still signed into your musically profile and know your current password but want to change it, go to your musically profile, then top the gear icon in the top right.

At the bottom tap Settings, scroll down and tap change password. In the top text box type in your current musically password. In the bottom two text boxes type in what you’d like your new password to be. When you’re finished tap Done in the top right to save your changes.

That’s all it takes to reset your musically password. Thanks for reading if you found this article helpful we’d love it if you’d hit the thumbs up button below check out Phonewallpapers.US for free trics and tutorials.


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