how to loop youtube videos

Method How to Loop YouTube Videos (Very Easy)


Do you have a favorite YouTube video that you want to watch or listen to on repeat? Are you tired of having to click the replay button? If you want to learn how to keep a youtube video playing over and over you’re in the right place.

I’m Smyth from In this post we’re going to teach you two methods of how to loop YouTube videos now let’s get started.

How to Loop YouTube Videos

First of all what kinds of videos might you want to put on loop. Some types of videos you may want to loop could include tutorial videos like recipes, or do-it-yourself projects, music videos, meditation guides, or other self-help videos and relaxation, or calming noises to help you sleep, study and relax. Let’s get into the instructions for our first method – looping YouTube videos.

How to Loop YouTube Videos Method #1
how to loop a video on iphone

To begin open your internet browser and go to Click in the search bar at the top of the YouTube homepage and type in the name or keywords of the video you want to find. Hit the enter key on your keyboard to do your search. Read Also: How to Clear YouTube Search History

Look through the search results and see if you can find the video you want to loop. Click on a video’s name, or thumbnail to open it. The video will open and begin to play.
appears select loop

Now move your cursor over the area where the video is playing. Right-click on the video player to reveal a menu. From the menu that appears select loop. You should see a small check mark appear to indicate that the loop feature has been turned on. Now you can enjoy your YouTube video loop. If you want to turn off the loop right click and select loop again to deselect it.

How to Loop YouTube Videos Method #2

Now we’ll show you how to do the second method. For the second method the beginning steps are similar to our first method. Go to inyour browser. Search for the video you’d like to loop, then click on it to open it.
modify the URL of the video

Now we’re going to modify the URL of the video to make it continuously loop. At the end of the video URL we’re going to add a looping code. Here’s the code we’re going to add, and autoplay equals one and loop equals one (&autoplay=1&loop=1).


So if this were the URL of the video you wanted to loop, once you add this looping code this is what your URL should look like. Add this code to the end of the unique URL of the video you want to loop.

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Enter your modified URL into your web browser, then hit the enter key on your keyboard to go to your new modified URL and enjoy your loop to youtube video.

That’s all you need to do to loop the YouTube video, use these methods to loop any video you like. Thanks for reading.

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