How to Find a Lost Android Phone

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone


Losing your phone and not being able to find it can be so frustrating. Not being able to answer calls or text messages and not knowing who could be looking at your personal information is the worst.

If you’re looking for a way to find your lost or stolen Android phone. We’re here to help you out!. I’m Smyth from PhoneWallpapers.Us In this article I’ll be showing you how to find a lost or stolen Android phone. Now let’s get started. Read Also: How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Android and iOS

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

I’ll be showing you two different methods you can try out as well as four apps to download that can help you find your phone if you ever happen to lose it again in the future. If you’d like to see a specific section of the article skip ahead to the time listed on your screen.

Find Your Device Using Google

Let’s begin with the first method finding your Android device using Google. To start this method open your browser and go to In the search bar type in find my Android.

Find My Device Android

In the search results you’ll see a box appear at the top. Click get started. On the next page select the device you’re trying to locate. Now sign into your Google account. Google will present you with a list of options for things you can do to secure and locate your device. Select which option you’d like to choose. Then follow the instructions on your screen.

Using Find My Device
find my device app

Now I’ll show you the second method, using the find my device app. This one requires steps to be taken before you lose your device. But will be very helpful in the future if you misplace it again.

To begin open the Google Play Store on your Android device. Then download and install find my device. When the download is complete open the app. Now login with your Google account.

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When prompted allow find my device to access your location and contact information, this is necessary for locating your device. To allow remote locking and erasing of data tap enable lock and erase.

When you have find my device setup on your Android you, can use the app to locate your device if and when you lose it. You can log in to find my device on your computer to locate it.

In your browser go to Then sign in to your Google account. if you have more than one Android device choose, the device you want to find at the top left. You’ll be able to see your device’s location on a map.

Using the options in the find my device menu on the left, you can lock your device so other people won’t be able to use it. You can play a sound to help you find it. Or even erase all its data if you’re worried your phone has gotten into the wrong hands.

Android Finder Apps

Now that we’ve shown you how to locate your lost Android phone there are a few other apps we’d recommend checking out and downloading in case you lose your device in the future the four apps we’d recommend our.

  • Family Locator,
  • Prey Anti-Theft,
  • Where’s My Droid and,
  • Find My Friends.

These four apps are all great options to help you locate a lost or stolen Android. Links to download them from the Google Play Store will be listed in the description box. That’s everything you need to know about finding a missing Android device.

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