How to Block Calls on Android Phones

How to Block Calls on Android Phones Without an App


Hi so I want to give tutorial here how to block holes without using an app, so I am going to go into my calls and I am under recent calls here and you’ll notice here is a telephone number that’s a robo call or somebody trying to get me basically to buy solar panels or you know whatever.

How to Block Calls on Android Phones Without an App
How to Block Calls on Android Phones without an app

So I’m going to go in here and click on the telephone number here and I’m going to add to a contact that I’ve already set up. so you’ll notice here I’ve I have a contact that is called blocked calls here, and I am going to choose the blocked calls and you’ll notice here when it goes into the block calls this is a contact that I’ve set up which goes straight to all calls to voicemail.

So this contact goes straight to voicemail so my method of blocking the call is to add all of these phone numbers to a contact that simply goes straight to voicemail.

So once I’ve added that numbe,r to this contact and you’ll notice here look at all the phone numbers on blocking I have about 20 phone numbers that I’m blocking which are robo calls or telemarketers, and this will go straight to voicemail and it won’t distract me.

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And the reason why I prefer this method as you’ll see is it doesn’t use up any extra resources so you’ll notice this is once again a contact code block calls you’ll notice all these calls that I’m blocking or I’m not particularly blocking I’m actually once again going to basically go straight to voicemail so this is usually a native functionality of the contacts within Android itself and so this is usually it it’s right in stock Android so you’ll be able to find similar or the exact feature within your phone.

And that’s really how I block calls that are bow calls or any other telemarketer calls and I hope this tip helps and thank you for reading.


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