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5 Safe and Best Private Messaging Apps


There are tons of messaging apps available these days, and it’s never been easier to stay in touch with your family and friends. However this also makes some people worry about their personal safety and privacy when using these new technologies.

Luckily there are options that let you communicate with your loved ones while keeping your privacy and security intact.

I’m Smyth from PhoneWallpapers.Us. In this tutorial I’m going to tell you about our top 5 best recommendations for safe and private messaging apps. now let’s get started.

Best Private Messaging Apps

So what makes for a safe and private messaging app? Here are a few things we like to consider.

  1. Encryption. This helps to protect your conversations from being read by anyone other than yourself and the person you’re speaking with.
  2. Self destruction of messages. Apps that delete messages after they’ve been read make it impossible for anyone to snoop through your conversations.
  3. Profile verification. Some apps have options for users to verify their profiles, preventing people from making fake profiles with bad intentions.
  4. And lastly unique security features. Some apps have security features that are original to their app, like iMessages invisible ink feature.

Now that we’ve talked about what features are good to look for, let’s get into which best apps we recommend using.

5 Top Best Safe Private Messaging Apps
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First up is Snapchat. When you send a message through snapchat the recipient can only view it for the amount of time you set before sending. Once the message has been opened it will be deleted automatically, your messages are also encrypted which increases your security.


Number two is iMessage. This messaging app comes pre-installed on Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. I messages aren’t encrypted when you send them, so nobody outside of your conversation can read what you say. Here’s also the Invisible Ink feature which blurs your message when you send it. In order to read your message the recipient will have to hold their finger over the message.


Next we have Wickr. This app is similar to snapchat. Messages sent with wickr are encrypted and you can set them to expire or automatically be deleted after a certain amount of time if you want.

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Also wickr messages don’t have any of your personal information attached, to them so they can’t be linked back to you or your device.


Number four on our list is called Dust. Dust has a heavy encryption system and allows users to set an amount of time messages can be viewed for before being automatically erased. Also if the recipient doesn’t open the message within 24 hours of you sending it the message will be erased. If you want to send the same message to multiple people, you can easily do so with the dust blast feature.


Lastly we have WeChat. To use this app users have to verify their account with a phone number and password, which discourages people for making fake accounts. We travel last you to send text pictures videos and audio messages, which are encrypted when being sent. Read Also: How to Delete WhatsApp Messages Permanently

After messages have been delivered, they are deleted from WeChat servers to ensure nobody can access them.

Those are all of our top best five recommendations for the safest messaging apps to use. Snapchat, iMessage, Wickr, Dust, and WeChat.

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